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Day 157 - Zagreb

  17 May 2022 “Book a ticket, get a visa, pack a bag, and it just happens.” ― Alex Garland Our apartment has no curtains. The sun rises at 6.30 am but it is light at 5.00 am. There is no air conditioning, we are in the loft. It is hot. I wake up at 5.00 am. I can’t get back to sleep. I have an urgency to leave today. I am not sure why. It is raining outside. Rain is forecast for most of the day. Shell is in no rush. I push her along. We normally leave at 8.00 - 9.00 am. I have us on the bikes before 7.30 am. Today’s ride is around 65 km. Mostly flat and almost entirely on back roads. We wind through farms and forests. It rains all morning. We stop after 15 km for a bad coffee. A few hours later we stop again for a not quite as bad coffee. We are over halfway to Zagreb. The distance melts on flat roads. The rain stops and the clouds clear. We roll into Zagreb. The city has an excellent cycling network. From the outskirts all the way to the centre. We are early, not surprising considerin

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