Day 14 - Waiting

26 December 2021

Wake up tired. Too much sleep.

We stroll around San Sebastian before sunrise. Waiting for Maiatza to open. Chilly. Sit and read as the surf hits the break wall.

There is a large building dominating the harbor. Stark. Different. It blocks out the view of the old terraces. I like it. Shell does not.

Breakfast at Maiatza. Cortados.

We head back to the Hotel and wait for housekeeping to do our room. And wait. And wait. I make five or six trips up to check and no progress. Finally I get frustrated. Shell tells me to calm down. Irritation.

We head to La Taberna De Blas for lunch. Pulpo a la Gallega. Slow cooked beef. Two glasses of Vino Blanco. Bread to mop the sauce. Delicious.

The meal is strained. Still annoyed about being told to calm down. Home for a siesta.

Chocolate run for Shell. Lay about.

Early night. No dinner. We head off tomorrow.

I can’t wait to be back on the bikes.


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