Day 3 - Stalled

15 December 2021

Shell had a shocking night. Toilet frequently. My cold has shifted to my chest.

She can’t ride in her current state. Rest the only option.

"For the personality, bankruptcy or failure may be a disaster. For the soul, it may be grist for its strangely joyful mill, and a condition it has been secretly engineering for years." - David Whyte

Planning. The ride to Loroñgo is now in perspective. We have one more challenging incline. The equal, if not tougher than Day 1. We break it into two legs of 20km.

I already feel better about the journey.

Pharmacy run. Extensive list. Imodium. Panadol. Ibuprofen. Cold and Flu. Electrolyte powder.

Tough going in translation. Got there in the end.

Bakery. Loaf. Some sweet pastry.

The bike flies without a load. Incredible the difference.

Accommodation is an issue. We are avoiding the tent until I shake my cold. Places keep canceling. It is the off-season here.

A better day for Shell. We shall see how she is tomorrow.

Short trip. This is the plan-


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