10 December 2021

Up early. Barcelona time lasted a day.

The gym won’t let us in. Tags don’t work.

Nevermind. Walk the streets. The city is ours this time of morning. Barri Gòtic is even better in the dark and everyone asleep.

Home for porridge. Make some notes for the blog.

Satan’s for brunch. Cotardo's and an egg roll. Cold eggs on a warm brioche bun. Works.

The barista is a BJJ guy. My ears are a passport to a secret family. He asked me yesterday where I trained. Again today. He is a brown belt. We are now amigo’s.

Shell still needs cycle undershorts. We checked the last two shops. No luck. Just bibs.

We did get a rear vision mirror. There was only one. Shell said she will have it because it is ok if I crash but not her.

Shell went for a haircut and news has arrived her bike is finished. We pick both up tomorrow at 1.00 pm. Six months building. I can’t wait to see them.

Gym sorted. COVID vaccination required.

Jamón on Catalina loaf for lunch. Simple. Delicious.

Shell's hair looks great. I like it shorter.

A walk to Probike. Shell now has mens undershorts.

Dinner. Eldiset tapas. Anchovies. Fried camembert. Jamòn. Octopus. Iberico pork shoulder.


2020 Bodega Vinyes Singulars

2019 Bodega Testuan Xirà

2014 Bodega Puiggros Sentitis Negres

Bikes tomorrow. I cannot wait.



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