Day 20 - Cruising

1 January 2022

I am writing this on the 3rd. A few long days. Not sure why I didn’t write this up on the day. I didn’t do anything that day.

Walked into cafe Lago for breakfast. Excellent pintxos.

We walk for a while. Read for a while. I finished the Gemmell novel. Not bad. I used to love fantasy fiction as a kid. Not so much these days. Scrolling through my kindle. The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx. Nice change of pace.

“When you die, every single muscle in your body hurts. Your body has closed down because it thinks it's done, and when it gets rebooted, every inch of you hurts. Plus I'd had the shit beaten out of me with a baseball bat.” ― Nikki Sixx

We had out for some lunch. Everything is either packed or shut. Cafe Lago fits us in. More great pintxos. Some first-rate clalamares fritos. A few vino. We walk back. Annoy each other. Always happens when we have nothing to do. Check out the Guggenheim. Architecturally stunning.

Read. Bed. Tomorrow we pick up the van. Vigos.


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