Day 23 - Rain

4 January 2022

We have been very lucky with the weather. Woke up to rain. Took a look outside and decided not to ride today. Clearing tomorrow. Hopefully. We ride out regardless.

Our phones did not adjust to Portugal time. We are walking around looking for some breakfast and nothing is open. It is 8.00 am. Our watches say 9.00 am.

Head to the grocery store. Supplies for lunch and dinner today and tomorrow. I like the grocery stores. The produce is the same, but different. Grab supplies. Head home. Eat lunch and read.

We head out around 3.30 pm. We have decided to roll the dice with an old bottle from Aromas De Vinho. I have decided on Dâo or Duoro. I have little faith but it will be fun.

We sort through the vintages. Checking ullage with the torch. Checking the seals. Comparing. We narrow it down to four. It is a process. In the end, we decide on the first wine Shell picked out. Capsule looks good. Ullage good. Label a mess. I can't wait to open it.

We grab a backup wine. Both 5 euros. Both Dâo. My new favourite wine region.

1974 Vinhos Sogrape Dâo Grâo Vasco

2017 Agrícola Dão Terras de Santo Antonio

This is not a wine blog.

I will say we were very lucky with the 1974. One of the best wine experiences I have had. Almost 50 years old and just superb.

Some pasta with tomatoes and tuna for dinner.

Read. Bed.

Bikes tomorrow. I hope the weather clears.



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