Day 29 - One more day

10 January 2022

It is raining. Again. I have woken up feeling the best I have in three days. I still have a blocked nose. My cough has gone. Chest not tight.

I thought Shell was going to miss this bug. She is a day or two behind my symptoms. She has a cough this morning. Her chest sounds a little tight.

We book another night. My turn to care for Shell.

Facebook and Instagram have banned my blog. Apparently, it goes against their community standards. Facebook and Instagram have standards?

Shell has talent with websites and that sort of thing. She has whipped up a website for the blog. I am not going to lie, I like having a URL.

We heard from our new school. An online induction in a couple of weeks. It speaks volumes of where my head is right now that this excites me rather than annoys me. I am not actively thinking of Cambodia later this year. When it crosses the consciousness, it is excitement not resentment I am feeling.

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” ― Aristotle

We lay about. Read and chat. The weather might actually be clearing. I finish my book. I might read another Gemmell. These addiction books weigh on the soul. Heavy reading at times. I am keen to read more Burroughs. Bukowski and Kerouac are in the queue. I have Bret Easton Ellis there. I promise myself not to read them again. I always go back. They hurt my heart. Not so much Less Than Zero, but the rest. They burn images in my brain that I hang on to for weeks.

“Disappear Here.

The syringe fills with blood.

You're a beautiful boy and that's all that matters.

Wonder if he's for sale.

People are afraid to merge. To merge.” ― Bret Easton Ellis

I decide on Gemmell.

An hour later I am reading Ellis.

We open a bottle of wine. Antioxidants are important for a swift recovery from ailments.

Today’s wine - 

2019 Amareleza Vinhos Douro Fonte da Perdiz Superior

Thinking about dinner. I am hungry. A good sign. I feel like a change but I don’t want anything fancy. The wine is empty. I ask Shell what she wants for dinner.

“As long as they sell wine I am fine. I think wine is the answer to this virus” - Rachelle Griffin

We head out for dinner. Find a random place. The food was OK. Should have went to Laurear.

Home early. Read. Bed.

Tomorrow the forecast is for fine weather. We shall see.


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