Day 55 to 58 - Barcelona

5 - 8 February 2022

Four days in Barcelona. There is not much to write about. And everything. The days were simply a repeat pattern. Fine blue skies. Stunning weather. Lazy mornings, long lunches, evenings on the balcony. Wine. So much wine.

It makes for ideal living. Less than exciting reading.

It is Groundhog Day. But in Barcelona. Bar de Plas for wine and tapas. Menu del dia out of the city. On it goes. What can you say?

The bikes were delivered to Castro Bikes for Roberto and Marco to go over. Castro is a middle man. He is an eccentric gentleman with an outstanding sense of humor. His bikes are works of art.

Roberto is more serious. He has been excellent with after-sales support. He has to be. The bikes were custom-built with high-quality parts. These ongoing issues need to be addressed. It is in everybody's best interest. Regardless, I can’t fault Roberto.

We collected the bikes on Tuesday. They are running perfectly. Hoping that they remain this way.

Tuesday evening we caught up with Ali and Nuria. After wine at a tapas, we headed to a pizzeria. Ali is Italian. We let him order. Burrata with besola, bruchetta and then the pizza. The waiter was a stuffy man. Uptight. No smile to be found. Ali’s energy is infectious. I watched him slowly break down the waiter's aloof demeanor. By the end, he was laughing and bringing us limoncello and they were talking about Italy like they were cousins.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

He has a contagious energy. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Nuria is a sea of calm in his excitement. They are good people and I am lucky to consider them friends. Plans are made to catch up in Italy next week. We would never do this. Making long-term plans have been universally unsuccessful. Ali and Nuria will be an exception.

Tomorrow is our last day in Barcelona. Our last day in Spain. Everyone told me I would love Portugal. Portugal was incredible. Spain is the place I will return.



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