Day 96 - Steak

17 March 2022

I wake up and I feel like I have a hangover. Which is a shame, because I didn’t earn a hangover. If you feel like garbage in the morning, you at least deserve the enjoyment of the night before.  My brain is working at about 70%.

Coffee at the new regular. Three espressos later and my mind is still in a daze. We browse some streets before heading to a local place for lunch. Shell tracked it down. It is a little early so we slip to our tea shop for a wine to kill some time.

We have walked past Interno 92 a few times. The place is almost underground and easy to miss. You only notice it because it is full. We get a seat and browse the menu. Aged beef is in the window. We decide on fettucine ragu to share and 1 kg of t-bone to share. Dry aged for four weeks from Charolais cattle. Some roast potatoes and a bottle of Langhe from Piemonte to wash it down.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.” ― Julia Child

As we order, the chef or butcher, I am not sure, receives delivery of a rear quarter and starts breaking it down behind the counter. He explains the shin will make ragu, the topside burgers, the rump will be steaks, and the tartare. I love watching him work.

Our wine is delicious. The fettucine excellent. I realise as the steak comes out they did not ask how we would like it cooked. Thankfully it comes rare. On a sizzling plate cut from the bone. You leave it on the hot plate to cook it further. Shell quickly removes it all rare. I briefly feel sorry for the vegetarians, hope the steer had a good life, and dig into an excellent steak.

We finish the bottle before the steak. Fix the bill and head home thirsty. We are in a drinking debt for the last few days. Time to catch up. We drink the Brunello on our balcony and chat the afternoon away. Serious subjects for a serious wine. As we come to the end of the bottle we both remember the physio appointment.

“So I lived alone. The first thing I did was take off my pants. Naturally.” ― Edward Abbey

Call an Uber and we are on the way. Being inebriated in public is not an issue. If you are in a bar or at a restaurant, no problem. I feel a little self conscious at a physiotherapist under the influence. Entirely out of place. Never mind.

Shell gets a great new splint. Even chooses the colour. I monitor the process wondering if I am obviously drunk, trying to look seriously sober, failing. We head home.

"You'd be surprised how expensive it is to look this cheap’"- Steven Tyler

I am only writing this tonight because Leanda accused me of laziness on account of inconsistent blogging. In fact, just now Shell reminded me by saying ‘you better do your blog or my sister will call you lazy’. It is very time-consuming having nothing to do.

“The less you do the less you do” - Werewolf Griffin

I check outside for the full moon.

Abruzzo tomorrow.


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