Day 128 - Tivat

18 April 2022

We worked out that if the door is open whatever is loose on the roof stops rattling. Don’t ask me why. Physics is complicated. You just have to accept it. A better night's sleep.

The wind is still blowing. We set off. It turns out that our accommodation is in the windiest spot in Europe. It was a great ride. We did deal with wind. Sometimes a headwind, sometimes a crosswind. Sometimes a tailwind made you feel like Eddy Merckx. But nothing like what we had in Petrovac.

“Air, I should explain, becomes wind when it is agitated.” ― Lucretius

We have a big climb early. It is tough going but we knock it over no problem. The cars are patient and give us plenty of space. There is no shoulder. We coast into Budva on a cycleway that follows the water. Through a very cool pedestrian tunnel. Grab a coffee on the water. Budva and this coastline is stunning. What wind?

Head off and knock out the remaining 30 km pretty easy. Of course, there is a tunnel. I have my light working this time. We have a footpath to follow. It is full of holes and bits of wire that get stuck in the wheels. At a bend in the tunnel, the path stops. Now we have to drop onto the road on a blind corner. We make it through. I am not a fan of tunnels.

We cruise through Tivat. It is a place for the rich. There are massive cruisers docked. The place is full of high end fashion shops. People sip cocktails on the waterfront in shoes worth more than my house. The street clock is Rolex. I wonder if this is where the Oligarchy has fled to?

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”― Henry David Thoreau

Find our place out of town. No rich digs for us. Unload the bikes and head to the ocean for a late lunch. We sit on the water and chat with a guy from the UK. He has been here for sixteen years. Runs and nudist eco campsite. Niche market. Nice guy.

Head home and plan tomorrow's ride. Montenegro is small. Tomorrow we are in Croatia. A ferry crossing and a border crossing. A big day and a few big climbs.

Croatia sounds exciting but we both keep looking at the roads leading to Bosnia.

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