Day 139 - Lazy Days

29 April 2022

Sleep in. Late breakfast. Much cooking is planned today. First, we have a few things to see around Imotski. There is Blue Lake and the football stadium. It seems strange the stadium is worth seeing.

The butcher shuts at 12.00 pm each day. We grab some rump steaks for lunch and a whole shin of veal for a ragu dinner. I like the way grocery stores have not monopolised meat, fruit, vegetables, and bread here. Bread at a bakery, meat from the butcher. The meat costs less than $15 AUS.

I read in the news that logistics are driving up the cost of fresh food in Australia. I guess it would if the beef you buy in Sydney comes from Queensland. As do the tomatoes in winter. Bananas all year round. Imagine buying seasonal, local produce that has no ‘logistical cost’?

“When you're going in the wrong direction, progress is the last thing you need.” ― Christopher Ryan

We head out to Blue Lake. The stadium is on the way. It is very cool. The crater, like the larger one that forms Blue Lake, was formed either by a collapsed cave network or it is an extinct volcano. The internet seems confused one way or the other. Perhaps an erupting volcano caused a collapsed cave?

Either way, the stadium sits in a crater surrounded by cliffs that create a natural amphitheater. On one side is the old Imostki fort. It is a remarkable stadium and quite beautiful.

The fort itself is interesting and provides a great view of Blue Lake. Filled by the melting snow, it is a stunning blue colour. The nearby Red Lake is the third deepest sinkhole in the world.

We walk back through town and grab a coffee. We chat about our journey and heading to Zagreb. We have about 15 - 20 days of riding left on the tour, and 40 days to get there. We are slowing down and it is nice to spend time in these places we had never planned to stop.

“It takes a long time to learn how to do nothing.” ― Marty Rubin

Imotski is a beautiful village. The new buildings seem to fit well with the old ones. We grab some bread and vegetables for dinner. Two bottles of red. The worst tasting bottle for the ragu.

Lunch was tasty. The ragu is on. We lay about and chat. Listen to music. I don’t think Shell has moved from the lounge since lunch. She sends me around the apartment to do various things on her behalf. She reminds me she is recovering. I am not sure what she is recovering from but I am assured it requires rest.

Shell was in fine form today. Some highlights -

“Baby, I have three jobs for you…I can’t move”

When she asked for more wine and we were out and I asked if she wanted more.

“Well, it is only 5.00…probably. Yes. Go. Go on”

Discussing conservative clothing on women -

Grant, “It’s like when Ayatollah Khomeini took over in Iran and made women wear the burka. One minute bikinis, next minute ankles induce rape”

Rachelle, “Grant. Stop name dropping.”

I look offended…

Rachelle, “Oh don’t be offended, it’s my job to reduce your wankerism.”

“I am out drinking you. No, don’t get up until you have finished yours. Just hurry up and finish”


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