Day 146 - Zadar

6 May 2022

Wake up to rain. I do not think there is a better sound to wake up to if you have no plans and no intention of making any. The sound puts me back to sleep until I remember my washing on the balcony. I consider pretending I didn’t recall. You can lie to yourself if you try hard enough. I get up.

“Let's just sit quietly and listen to the secrets the rain wants to tell us.” ― John Mark Green

We have some breakfast and head out for a coffee. First, a pharmacy. When the weather changes I seem to get hayfever. Maybe there is something in the room. Shell feels it as well. We get some tablets and have an average coffee. Move on.

We find another spot. Much better coffee. Maybe the tablets have kicked in. Share an omelet and read for a bit. Discuss the weather. We are due to head out tomorrow but the forecast is for rain. If we need another night here, so be it.

Head back to our apartment and clear it of smelly candles and the like. Roll up the thick mat. Hopefully, that helps with the hayfever. Read a book and listen to the rain.

I head out to get some food for dinner and a bottle of wine. While I cook we listen to a podcast. Tangentially Speaking by Christopher Ryan. His podcast is good. His books are great.

“We refuse to recognize that everything better is purchased at the price of something worse.” ― Christopher Ryan

Early night. The rain has not stopped all afternoon and the forecast is for more tomorrow. I am keen to get underway. Not keen to ride in the rain. We will see what tomorrow brings.


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